Our Gallery

You will find images of our home and gardens along with those from our visits to the surrounding towns, we hope you enjoy viewing these to give you some ideas of the area you will come and visit.
  1. A day out at La Palmyre Zoo, Royan
    A day out at La Palmyre Zoo, Royan
    You can feed the animals and get up close to them throughout the Zoo.
  2. A day out at La Palmyre Zoo, Royan
    A day out at La Palmyre Zoo, Royan
    So close to the Pink Flamingo!
  3.  Saintes
    An excellent shopping and cultural city to explore, plenty of excellent Cafes and Restaurants. You can get the Train from Saint Savinien and be there in 10 Minutes
  4. Saintes Amphitheatre
    Saintes Amphitheatre
    Well worth a visit and about 2 miles from Saintes station which is located in Place de la Gare
  5. La Rochelle
    La Rochelle
    Another excellent city to explore by train 30 minutes from Saint Savinien a lovely café/Restaurant culture and shopping experience
  6. La Rochelle
    La Rochelle
    Spend the afternoon shopping or sitting and watching the world go by!
  7. Bordeaux
    You can get the train from Saint Savinien and be in Bordeaux in 40 minutes spend the day and return on the evening train.
  8. Shopping in Bordeaux
    Shopping in Bordeaux
    You will find most of the known shops in this large city along with some you may not have heard of in England.
  9. Chatelaillon De Plage
    Chatelaillon De Plage
    As you can see this is a wonderful place to relax on the beach and have a dip in the water to cool down